Ime Maldonado

She Boss / Founder

She started programming websites when Internet in Mexico was a young, 20 years ago. Ime is our proud leader: a fierce feminist, an inconspicuous blogger and a digital-communication advisor.

Gladys Novelo

Head of Design

Web designer. Feminist. Plant lady. She coordinates the designers' work to deliver sleek apps and beautiful websites, on time, for our clients.

Irving Ché

Head of Development

A mix of a bubbly personality and a serious computer specialist, Irving leads the everyday work of our programming and technical support team.

Paola Novelo

Money Manager

Rebel and untangled. Official chocolate ice cream tester. She manages our money. Period.

Roberto González

Senior Developer

Roberto is our beloved senior programmer. He asks all the questions ever needed, always with a bit of sarcasm.

Alejandro Ayala

Web Developer

For a while, he was our "baby" at the office. Then the pandemics, home-office, new projects and university... Alejandro is professionally growing up to be a full-stack-developer for Yoco.

Samantha Gomez

Web & App Designer

Sam is a multi-talented young designer: she is a animator, amateur game-developer and a UI/UX designer for Yoco. We love her!

Alejandra Piedra

Web Designer / Digital Artist

The coolest digital artist in our universe. Ale has designed a few of our latest, artsy-est, websites. She has a great talent to unleash!

Alfonso Grajales

Junior Web & App Designer

A fine gentleman with a finer sense of humor. Alfonso is a great adding to our team, designing nice websites and web apps for our clients.

Javier Pantoja

Junior Developer

Our newest member. He is randomly funny and serious, always oriented to learn by himself and, when needed, to ask! Javier rules.