The Team

Two programmers, one designer, a weird unicorn 
 and a witch. There's also hard work, feminism and coffee...
The Team The Team The Team The Team The Team The Team The Team The Team The Team The Team The Team The Team
Yoco, the team. El equipo
Ime Maldonado

"No hay reglas"

-Ime Maldonado


14 years of entrepreneurship journey and she has found many valuable people and learned a hundred golden lessons. Today her main goal is to lead and empower women in business and technology.

Irving Che

"¿Qué día es hoy?"

Irving Ché

Web Developer/Aunt

Trustworthy's definition. Irving is a very solid web analyst and a dedicated programmer with a fresh soul and a very ironic sense of humor.

Gladys Novelo

"Me encanta"

Gladys Novelo

Web Designer/Fashion Icon

A very talented and diligent web designer, she is everywhere at Yoco, challenging everyone including herself! Nothing gets out of the oven without Gladys' eye.

Roberto González

"¿Ya soy diseñador?"

Roberto González

Web Developer/WWII Consultant

He can craft a web application as well as the finest, darkest joke. A very skilled programmer and an expert in many matters, as WWII and role-playing games.


"Una pregunta..."

Cedric Borreguín


Continuosly proving to be an exception to the rule: Cedric is a programmer, a designer, a 3D modeler, a videographer, a teacher... an unicorn. We may hire him.