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12 ene 2022 • Ime Maldonado / Daniela Tejeda
Digital agencies in Mexico, led by women

Digital agencies in Mexico, led by women

It is impossible for us to talk about digital agencies run by women, without first putting on the table that in the world of ICTs, as in other segments of life hijacked by a patriarchal society, women have been excluded by that gap of gender inequities often intangible and phantasmagorical. . For these reasons, the inclusion of women in the digital universe has led to an invisible struggle, but with very good results: many of us now perform digital production tasks!

That struggle of us in Mexico, is evident in that we are increasingly in charge of our own companies in the digital and ICT area. As entrepreneurs, we have taken very seriously the urgent need to bridge the career gap.

We need to be an information and knowledge society designed, developed and built equally, between women and men.  Closing gender gaps is a priority to equalize opportunities and prevent more women from continuing to be left behind in electronic media, which increasingly have an impact on the way we work, learn and, in general, on our ways of interacting.

Therefore, recognizing the women who are in charge of digital agencies -creative, brand and marketing-, we share a list of them and also reiterate that we respect and love them all equally.

(In alphabetical order)

Branding, Yucatan Campaigns
, MX

Blue | Agency Diana Espadas
Branding, Content Creation, Brand Consulting
Yucatan, MX

Daughters of your Brand
Community manager, Branding, Consulting, Product photography, Websites
Somewhere, MX

Malvestida Agencia
Comunicación con perspectiva de género
Jalisco, MX

Branding, Packaging
Jalisco, MX

Social Media Pristina
Social Networks, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google AdsYucatán, MX

Digital Manifesto / Manifest Culture /
Design, Multimedia, Web, Events, Social Networks
Yucatan, MX

Special mention:

Yvonne Pompeyo - Bouza Creativos
Division of the branding agency, oriented to strategy and digital marketing.
Yucatan, MX

We are missing many agencies, but do you have an agency or do you know an agency run by women?  Write.


Footnote <3

Is Yoco a digital agency?
We are actually a web and app development agency.  Programmers and  web designers, allies of creative and marketing agencies. We work together with them to produce web pages and  mobile apps, to communicate what needs to be communicated and to sell what needs to be sold.

We also work for companies or individuals who already have a clear idea of what they need or for which they have marketing and communication programs, but who do not have programmers and web designers to develop their web pages and applications.

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