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5 ene 2022 • Ime Maldonado
5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Digital Agency

5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Digital Agency

It depends on what you want to do. It depends on what you need to communicate or sell.

It is important that you first know what a digital agency, digital marketing agency or digital creative agency is. (Exactly, they're all called digital.)

They are offices for the production of images, messages, content and platforms oriented to communication and advertising tasks, usually specialized in marketing (helping you sell, then) by digital means, such as this one in which you are reading.

Today there seem to be few non-digital alternatives to communicate, right? Well, we know it's not, but that's not the point of this post.

In short, a digital agency is a group of people, who produce content that is reproduced by digital means.

Usually marketing agencies are focused on selling and creative agencies could build you a robotic elephant that spits fire through your eyes, to sell, attract attention, or just find meaning in your life.


So how do I choose an agency?

I think the answer lies in interviewing several of them and asking the questions that come out of your head, regarding your advertising, image or sales needs. In addition, I would ask the following:

  1. Do they have working standards?
    Even creativity has some methodology and an agency that has carried out successful projects should have well-identified internal processes.
  2. Do they have a project similar to the one you are looking for?
    Of course, no campaign, website or design piece is the same as another, but a visit to the agency's portfolio serves as an inspiration and to know its final work.
  3. Do they develop everything in-house or do they have good allies?
    If it is an agency with a wide variety of services, it is important to know if they have the specialized staff to carry it out or they do it with other companies as reliable as it, which guarantee the success of your project. Designers, animators, video editors, content creators, photographers, programmers, producers, videographers, stylists, content managers, traffic analysts, branding specialists, etc. do not occur in trees. They are people who require a lot of talent and years of specialization. Ask the agency if they consider themselves formal todologists or specialize in certain services.
  4. Do they love their work?
    This makes me a basic point and very difficult to identify. I think the most important thing is to follow intuition when listening to them talk about their work, their clients, their team, the media, and life in general.
  5. Do you understand what they do?
    For me this point is the most important. We are in a medium where there are still many "rare" concepts: CPM, CPC, inbound marketing, conversions... If you feel like your agency is making you dizzy with technical terms, you should probably walk away.

On the other hand, if they strive to communicate the important parts of the services they provide, in an understandable way, and totally open to your doubts, you are probably in the right place!


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