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16 jun 21 • Ime Maldonado
Starting from inequality to reach equality

Starting from inequality to reach equality

I just heard this phrase in a video by Diego Ruzzarín (Andrés Pugh said it).

I am writing the first blog articles on our website, because "shoemaker to your shoes" is only fulfilled after 16 years of "making shoes".

As I write, I return to the recurring question I've been asking myself for months: how on earth do I bring together feminism, new capitalisms and digital production in an honest discourse consistent with the philosophy of our company? Does it make commercial or at least existential sense to talk about this hybrid that I have in my head? Obviously I'm inclined to think so and that's why I'm here.

Yesterday I told my friend Mariana that we work preferably with and for women. She sells eggs from free-range, li-cio-sos hens and every time she gives me my biweekly endowment, we talk a little bit about teenagers, businesses and life in general. Yesterday, as he was leaving, I thought that perhaps my very open statement to prefer to work with women might sound unfair to the other half: both our team and our clients are 50% men and women.

So I decide to start from the injustice of preferring collaborations with symbolic minorities to "do business" than with those who already have the way forward (white-cis men, yes). And I have my other 50% who mostly sympathizes with our apparent eccentricity.


Then this will be our first blog post. It's 2021, we're in the infinite final stretch of the Covid-19 pandemic and everything is being reinvented.


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