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02/02/2022 • Daniela Gamboa
The user experience: 5 tips to please your customers

The user experience: 5 tips to please your customers

The user experience basically consists of the set of attributes that determine how satisfactory the user's navigation through a website is, either in the technical functioning of the pages, in their structural organization and in the value generated by the content to which the user accesses.

As a client, it is desirable that you take into account when hiring an agency that develops mobile or web applications, which has the maturity and human capital that is an expert in the subject, since technical situations are presented that only someone with expertise can solve, and thus, be able to take the user experience of the design to the highly functional.

Below, we will list 5 points that can be useful for your customers to be satisfied:

Highly functional

Platforms such as mobile applications and websites must offer added values to customers, which help solve problems and meet needs.

Among the added values that we can give to the user experience we give as an example to the buttons of the apps, these have to be thought just based on the size of the fingers of the hands of the people, they can not be larger or smaller, therefore, an average calculation has to be made to be able to design these buttons in the pages and web applications and these satisfy the needs of customers.

Visual stimulus

It is one of the fundamental elements in the user experience. The first impression and the sensory experience that you are going to provoke in the user are very important, in such a way that you have to captivate him with an attractive visual presentation.

Regardless of whether the design is going to be for a business, blog, or any other site, it is important to have a pleasant visual design, which invites interaction and facilitates the user the experience of what you want to show or sell, that is coherent, striking, that catches the visitor and promotes a high time of permanence on the website.


It is useless for a website or tool to have great functionalities if the user does not understand how to use them and get the most out of them.

A highly intuitive interface is achieved to a large extent, thanks to a good work of UX Writing, which is the concept used to represent the creation of digital content, focused on guaranteeing the best reading experience to the user on the internet.


Accessibility refers to the possibility of navigating to the website from different devices and not only from a traditional computer or laptop.

This aspect requires that the design has the ability to adjust and optimize taking into account the characteristics and formats of each device, as established by the good principles of accessibility.

At this point, it must be emphasized that it has to be designed for users with a disability or physical restriction of access to information, such as for blind people, resources such as screen readers must be enabled.


To achieve credibility in a portal or digital platform, it must be free of errors and above all, meet the expectations it has generated.

It is essential that the different functionalities and added values really meet the objectives they promise and contribute in a palpable way with the solution of problems.

By meeting these 5 points, your user experience will be highlighted by trust, which can give way to purchases, subscriptions and, in general, lasting business relationships.



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